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With  over a decade of experience, Q-Fi has helped many of the most innovative companies advance with confidence.

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Our Platforms


Q-Fi's Enterprise Insights Platform
Build, deploy and analyze with Q-Fi's Enterprise Level Solution.
  • Create Surveys with advanced Question types, including: Max-Diff, Conjoint, Gabor Granger and Van Westendorp
  • Real-time dashboards, advanced analytics and reporting
  • Multiple deployment methods
  • Multilingual support for survey translation
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Q-Fi's Community Platform
Directly engage with your customers to gain insights that drive customer growth, retention and satisfaction.
  • Insights tools powered by Q-Fi’s quant and qual research engine.
  • Unlimited branding and customisation possibilities
  • Simple and competitive pricing to meet all your needs
  • Streamlined incentive management
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Command the Entire Research Landscape

Supporting a wide range of clients with their research goals has enabled us to refine Q-Fi to handle all of your project needs.

Market Research Surveys

Q-Fi market research surveys enable you to gather valuable insights about market trends and consumer preferences. Our customised surveys, distributed through various channels, allow you to independently collect data and uncover valuable findings.

  • Survey Creation: Users can create customized market research surveys by selecting from a variety of question types, including multiple-choice, open-ended, and rating scale questions.
  • Distribution: Users can distribute their market research surveys through email, social media, website intercepts, and other channels by generating unique survey links.
  • Data Collection: As respondents complete the survey, their responses are automatically collected and stored within the platform.
  • Analysis: Our platform offers built-in data analysis tools to help users analyze responses, generate reports, and gain insights into market trends and consumer preferences.

Ad test

Embark on a visual journey to gauge the impact of your advertising campaigns with Q-FI's Ad Test Module. Study Creation: Craft compelling ad tests within Q-FI's platform, specifically designed for image evaluation within a community setting.

  • Distribution: Distribute your image-based ad tests seamlessly within your community platform, ensuring that participants engage with your visual content in a familiar and authentic environment.
  • Data Collection: As community members interact with your ad tests, Q-FI's platform automatically collects and organizes their responses.
  • Analysis: Leverage Q-FI's analytical tools to delve into the performance of your ad images. Uncover patterns, sentiment trends, and key insights derived from community feedback.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Q-Fi helps businesses measure customer satisfaction using precise CSAT surveys. These surveys gather feedback, identify strengths, and uncover areas for improvement. Regular CSAT surveys enable data-driven decisions, fostering lasting customer loyalty and business growth.

  • Survey Setup: Q-Fi Survey allows survey creators to easily design customer satisfaction surveys with rating scale questions and multiple-choice options.
  • Distribution: Surveys can be shared via email, website links, or social media, and the platform tracks responses in real-time.
  • Data Analysis: Users can access reporting and analytics features to visualize and interpret customer feedback, enabling data-driven decisions for improving products or services.

Diary Study Overview

Diary Studies are a powerful tool designed to provide in-depth insights into user experiences, behaviours, and preferences over time. Our Diary Study feature goes beyond traditional market research surveys, allowing you to engage participants in a continuous, reflective journey.

  • Study Creation: With Q-FI's Diary Study, researchers can craft immersive and customizable studies that prompt participants to share their daily experiences, thoughts, and interactions.
  • Distribution: Effortlessly reach your target audience by distributing Diary Studies through various channels, such as email invitations, app notifications, or embedded links on your website.
  • Data Collection: As participants log entries in their digital diaries, Q-FI's platform automatically collects and organizes the data.
  • Analysis: The platform's robust analysis tools enable researchers to uncover patterns, sentiments, and emerging trends from the accumulated diary entries.

Product Feedback and Development

Q-Fi excels in Product Feedback and Development Surveys, expertly crafted questionnaires that gather user insights, opinions, and suggestions about current products or services. These surveys assess functionality, features, user-friendliness, and satisfaction, actively seeking input for future improvements and enhancements.

  • Questionnaire Design: Q-Fi Survey provides a user-friendly interface to create product feedback surveys with questions related to functionality, features, and user satisfaction.
  • Data Collection: Surveys can be shared with product users, and responses are automatically recorded and organized within the platform.
  • Feedback Integration: The feedback collected is integrated into the product development process to guide improvements and align with user needs.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Q-Fi's Employee Engagement Surveys are essential for assessing workplace satisfaction. These surveys feature precise questions to gather employee feedback on their work environment, job roles, colleagues, and job satisfaction. They provide valuable insights for employers to identify strengths and areas needing improvement in workforce morale and motivation.

  • Survey Building: Survey creators can craft employee engagement surveys using a range of question types, such as Likert scales and open-ended questions.
  • Distribution: Surveys can be distributed to employees electronically, and the platform securely collects and stores responses.
  • Reporting: Q-Fi Survey offers reporting tools to help organizations analyze employee feedback, identify strengths and areas for improvement, and foster a positive workplace culture.

Event Feedback Surveys

Q-Fi conducts Event Feedback Surveys for post-event insights. These surveys gather opinions and feedback from attendees, covering various event aspects. Organizers use this data to assess event success, identify areas for improvement, and enhance future events.

  • Survey Design: Event organizers can create feedback surveys with structured questions using Q-Fi Survey's intuitive interface.
  • Distribution: Surveys can be distributed to event attendees via email or QR codes, and responses are collected and organized within the platform.
  • Feedback Analysis: The platform's reporting tools assist in assessing the success of events, identifying areas for improvement, and tailoring future gatherings to meet participant expectations.

The Value we bring

We provide companies with an advanced platform for crafting surveys, collecting insights, and driving growth at a competitive rate.

Quant and Qual methods

Virtually unlimited feedback tools for the modern research professional

Highly Customisable & Scalable Solution

Adaptive solutions tailored to fit any survey and research needs - from simple to highly complex. Offering robust customizations for custom questions, branding and security policies.

Integration & Compatibility

Integrates with Q-Fi Communities, CRMs and dashboard systems. Export to formats like SPSS, Excel, CSV, R, MS Word, MS PowerPoint and PDF.

Competitive & Flexible Pricing

Transparent and fair pricing options. Accommodates diverse requirements for your current needs and future growth.

Proven Success Stories

Recognized success with prominent research companies and projects. Capabilities and credibility to manage intricate research needs.

Exceptional Support & Customer Success Commitment

24/7/365 support, training, tutorials and extensive documentation. We deliver personalised assistance for a smooth and painless experience. We’re here to help you succeed and grow!

A refined user experience

We ensure full support throughout the entire survey cycle and provide the best user experience.

Easy to use with Powerful Capabilities

Giving you the ability to easily create, translate, deploy and analyze research projects at scale.

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Advanced question types

Including Pricing and Choice Models, Interactive and Video questions, use over 40 question types to gather feedback.

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Customisable Look & Feel

Easily customise any visual settings for your survey. Optimized for any device and screen configuration to provide the best survey taking experience.

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Innovative data driven tools

We’re not just another survey software company, we build engaging, data driven solutions.

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