Professional Services

Help with your Projects

We're not just a software provider, we're here to help our users in every aspect of their research project. From survey creation, deployment, reporting and dashboard creation.

Custom Programming

We offer custom programming, design, and the unique ability to seamlessly integrate both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Custom Design

At Q-Fi, we offer custom programming and design services that allow you to shape research projects to your unique specifications. Tailor surveys, experiments, and data collection methods precisely to meet your research objectives.

Ideas to Research Reality: 
Empower your creative side by customizing every aspect of your research projects.

Customised Survey Logic

We offer custom programming and design solutions to create complex survey logic tailored for a market research project, ensuring precise data collection based on specific needs and respondent behaviours.

Branding & UX Enhancement

To meet your branding and user experience requirements, we provide custom design solutions, allowing you to integrate the branding elements seamlessly into surveys for a professional and cohesive look and feel.

Data Integration and Reporting

Our custom programming offers seamless integration with the your existing data systems, and custom reporting solutions  implemented to ensure that your data can be analyzed and visualized according to your unique reporting criteria and formats.

Multi-Modal Data Collection

For those who require data from various sources and survey modes (online, phone, in-person), we provide custom programming to create a unified platform that efficiently collects and integrates data from multiple channels.

Advanced Survey Techniques

To address complex research needs, custom programming solutions we can offer advanced survey techniques like MaxDiff, conjoint analysis, or choice-based modelling, ensuring you can gather and analyze data using sophisticated research methodologies.

Interactive Dashboards

To visualize and present data in a compelling manner, custom design solutions including interactive dashboards allow users to explore survey findings dynamically, providing a more engaging and informative experience.