our story

At the heart of Q-Fi, we believe in empowering decisions backed by meaningful insights.

Established in 2013 by insights solutions architect Rafael Mangra. Q-Fi set out with an ambitious goal: to offer pioneering survey solutions to leading research agencies and firms across Canada and the US. Throughout our journey, Q-Fi has collaborated with a wide array of organizations, each with its unique challenges and intricate  needs.

Every interaction, every project, has been a lesson, allowing us to refine Q-Fi further. Today, with the wisdom gathered over the years, we stand with a solution that not only accelerates survey processes but elevates the quality of data collected. Our dedication lies in equipping our clients with tools that transform raw data into actionable, game-changing insights.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leader in providing superior insights solutions with our straightforward and passionate commitment to excellence. Delivering valuable, customer-centric services to build enduring loyalty.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an innovative, ever evolving research engine that will grow with our client needs, taking advantage of new innovations in tech and research. Supported by our dedication to supporting our clients in every way we can.

Our Promise

Our promise is to listen to our users and give them the support and capabilities they need to work faster and smarter. We promise to be fully transparent with our users in every way, no BS, no un-needed upsells, no inflated egos, we promise to keep it simple in all aspects of our relationship.

What our customers have to say about us

We are grateful to everyone for appreciating our work ethics and encouraging us to always keep up to their expectations.

We have always had a great experience with Q-Fi Solutions. It has great features and is easy to use, even for people with very little experience using this kind of software. Q-Fi Solutions makes it easy to design and deploy awesome online surveys and creates customizable reports that everyone can understand. Even though we are based in Kenya, Africa, I find the support to be very professional, helpful and responsive to our needs. Moreover, the features we were looking forward to seeing on the platform have been added.

Nathalie Maikere

Managing Director, e-ENSURES Ltd

At Coherency, we like to push the envelope with heavy interactive functionality and dynamic logic in our questionnaires. QFi is the only survey platform that we've found that can meet our technology requirements. Not only are their surveys beautiful and interactive, but they work seamlessly on any browser or platform. We highly recommend the QFi platform for survey development and hosting.

Nelson Tao

SVP Quantitative Insights, Coherency Inc.

After investigating several different platforms for our mobile ethnography methodology, Q-Fi rose to the top as our preferred platform. Allowing us the ability to consolidate our quantitative and qualitative approaches to data collection in one comprehensive, cohesive place, our mobile ethnographic research now provides much deeper insights to our clients. Q-Fi quite simply helps us do smarter research…and who doesn’t want that?

Kristie LeVangie

Director, Research Design & Operations

Our students in the Humber College Research Analyst Postgraduate Program (RAPP) had the opportunity to use a specially built Q-Fi platform this year to conduct their surveys for their major research projects. Students found the platform easy to use and incredibly well supported by the team at Q-Fi. Support for our students was always timely and helpful. The use of Q-Fi contributed greatly to our students’ success.

Josephine Mazzuca

Ph.D. Professor, RAPP & Liberal Studies, Humber College

Complete Growth International is a strong advocate of Q-FI Solutions, choosing them as our market research technology partner for Growth Charts. Q-FI Solutions created an engine that is easy to use in survey development and in the automated delivery of the Growth Charts dashboard for our Courtship performance measures. They are partnering with us to provide further benefit to our members by ensuring easy access to the more robust solutions they offer. It is clear they understand the value of a great survey experience across all types of platforms. The investment they have made in our partnership is greatly appreciated.

Susan Spaulding

Principal, Complete Growth

Jalapeno Employee Engagement uses Q-Fi to run the survey function of our services. We chose them because they are a Canadian company with Canadian data storage, and because of the customizable look and feel of the survey. The customer service has been amazing and the team is always willing and ready to help out in any way they can. We highly recommend Q-Fi as a survey provider.

Samin Saadat

Principal, Jalapeño Employee Engagement