Methods Matter: 6 Essential Tools for the Modern Research Pro

The number of ways you can conduct research today can definitely be confusing. Learning what methods you should invest time in depends on a number of factors, but to have a well-rounded skill-set, and if data is indeed gold, than selecting the right tools is an important decision to make.

You won’t go wrong with learning the ins and out of these six. Here are the top six of the top methods every versatile researcher should know.  

Surveys: the tried-and-true workhorse for gathering opinions. Versatile and scalable, this quantitative method benefits from speed and choice in design and tailoring client and user needs. From general yes/no and multi select to advanced visual question types make Surveys an obvious choice

Focus Groups: Surveys are to Quant as Focus Group are to Qual Focus Groups provide Interactive discussions that provide a treasure trove of useful data. Advances in Online Focus Groups have made it easier to recruit, incentivize, moderate, and analyse.

Concept Testing: Evaluate the viability and appeal of new ideas, concepts, or products before they are launched to the market. Through structured feedback and analysis, researchers can assess consumer receptiveness, identify potential challenges, and refine concepts to maximize success.

Discussion Boards: discussion research resembles a chat forum like Reddit or Quora, where moderators and participants pose questions and interact, generating diverse opinions and valuable insights.

User Testing: user testing involves gathering feedback from real users as they interact with a product or service. By observing users' behaviors, preferences, and pain points, researchers can identify areas for improvement and optimize the user experience.

Diary Studies: this method helps you capture real-time insights into behaviours and decision-making processes by participants entering diaries or journals. Analysis techniques for Diaries include Content Analysis, analyze diary entries to identify recurring themes and patterns. Timeline Analysis, map out the chronological sequence of events and behaviors recorded in diary entries.

As luck would have it 😉 Q-Fi has all of these under one roof with Quanti-Fi and Quali-Fi platforms.  

The benefit and ease to move from one project to the other give us at Q-Fi the multi-functional software to uncover key insights that providing the modern versatile researcher with the right tools to succeed.  

Book a chat with us today and learn how Q-Fi can simplify your insights offerings.

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